Help Center Global (HCG)
We provide professional and certified contact center, accounting, and Information Technology services for your organizational needs. Our executive office management personnel help you carry the heavy load.
Your ideal remote office help for organizational challenges.

We accurately process and organize your accounting transactions with live bookkeeping.

Unified Communication
Different types of customer relationship management systems have different methods of communicating with customers. With Help Center Global Contact Centers, there are no limitations. True omnichannel outbound and inbound routing allow our remote executive office managers to meet customers using their preferred communication method. Start conversations with your customers across multiple touchpoints, including voice, fax, text, social, email or via superior online meetings from anywhere.

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Modern Contact Center
We provide:
IT Help Desk Solutions for individuals and businesses - Contact our experts for your Information Technology needs.
Unified telecommunications
Professional customer service.
Executive office managers.
Extensive and unlimited feature set of teams collaboration, revolutionary document management and meeting tools for you and your team to work together, wherever you are.
The world's most convenient, flexible and easy to use business telephony, teams, document, and online meeting service.

Online meetings with screen sharing, recording, white board, audio and video conferencing for Mac, PC, and Mobile devices.

International telephone numbers available.
Help Center Global (HCG) is a full-featured, Contact Center transformation. Info: Contact us